Google AutoDraw Is Much Better At Drawing Than Us: Machine Learning

Google is high on Machine Learning game. Not all of us are good artist, but +Google's AutoDraw can draw very much accurately, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Humans better do more hardwork, because machines are getting much better at drawing.


Source: Google

What is Google's AutoDraw?

According to Google "AutoDraw is a new web-based tool that pairs machine larning with drawings created by talented artist to help you draw." 

Google's AutoDraw can be accessed and used using your Smartphone, computer or tablet (do people even you them now) and it's free. Better use this to design your birthday party card. AutoDraw's suggestion uses the same technology as Quick Draw, which is one of Google's A.I. Experiments. 

I personally think this is a good way to teach young artist, how to draw and code. What do you think.

If you are an artist then you can also submit your design here



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