Cool Android Setups - #CAS 4

Welcome back to Cool Android Setups 4th Episode. So far we have seen some of the satisfying and amazing setups by you. 

If you want your setup to be features join our community here and use #casfeature

This week the setup is from LE SH with something I haven't seen for a while. So, let's jump into the setup and look at what we have got this week.

Source: LE SH
The setup has some unique look to it, compared to what we seen in the past 3 episodes of #CAS. The setup seems to be nature inspired with nature inspired wallpaper. The widget used in the setup is KWLP. I personally like the widget of Google. If we add a blue or oceanic wallpaper then the circles around the Google widget would like ripples. The widget according to LE SH is a custom setup from Flow for KWLP. 

Thw launcher used in the setup is NOVA Launcher Pro. This is multi-window setup because we can see navigation buttons in the bottom right. Looking at the software buttons the smartphone might be HTC device. 

So guys, what do you think about the setup? 

Widget: FLOW for KWLP
Wallpaper: Here


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