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Pokemon Go Game Officially launched for Android and iOS (Download Link)

Long waited Pokemon Go game is now officially launched for Android and iOS. The game is developed by Niantic Inc. 

Pokemon Go is a Augmented Reality game, it is backed by Nintendo. Initially the app is limited to New Zealand and Australia. At the time of writing the app is not available in the U.S and UK. But can be expected to be available soon. 

How to download Pokemon Go for Android and iOS? 

You can also purchase a $35 wrist wearable, due out this some time this month, which lets you unlock the game without having to unlock your phone. So which region do you live in? Have you played the game?

LG announced X5 and X5 Skins: The Mid-Rangers

LG has announced there new two mid ranger smartphones - the LG X5 and LG X Skin. Both the device doesn't seem to have much of a design, but the LG X5 has decent specs. 

The LG X5 has a big 5.5-inch 720p display, powered by a quad-core processor. It has a 16GB of RAM coupled with 2GB of RAM. The device features a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front facing camera. The LG X5 runs Android  6.0 Marshmallow. Battery capacity of 2,800mAh. 

The LG X5 will be available in Korea for price KRW 200,000.

On the other hand LG X skin has a decent 5-inch display and is thin as well as lighter. The device runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, poweres a 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, packs 16GB internal memory but with less RAM, 1,5GB RAM. 
It features a 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front facing camera. The battery capacity also seems to be less -  2,100mAh battery. The LG X Skin will be available in Korea for price KRW 231,000.

How would you rate these devices on the scale of 10? 

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10 Interesting Facts About Google You Should Know

After Android 7.0 Nougat, We thought to share 10 interesting facts about Google with You.

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