LG Announces Rolly Keyboard 2 Bendable and Bluetooth supported, in South Korea

Technology has gotten far and growing quickly. LG has announced Rolly Keyboard 2, a bendable and Bluetooth supported keyboard in South Korea. You all those things you saw in Die Hard 4, hackers used.

Rolly Keyboard 2

Looks kinds like that. Rolly Keyboard 2 has five rows of keys , pull-tab type var which allows the user to unfold it. The Rolly Keyboard 2 supports 3 devices simultaneously paired.

LG said that, the Rolly Keyboard 2 price will be 129,000 ($110 approx.) .

So what do you think about the Rolly Keyboard 2? Comment and Share. 


  1. Will be compatible with Windows Mobile 10?

    1. It will be compatible with Windows Mobile.


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