Google Preparing To Test Project Loon In India Partnering With TELCOs

Internet Search Giant Google is preparing to do a full test of it's long awaited "Project Loon" in India partnering with TELCOs. So, What is Project Loon? Project Loon is a R&D project by Google X with the misson of providing Internet Access to rural areas using high altitude Balloon technology which will be placed in Stratosphere at an altitude of about 18 KM to create an aerial wireless network with up to 4G-LTE speeds.


In an interview of MD for Google South East Asia and India, Cheif Rajan Anandan with Economic Times he said " Google Capital is here (in India). Google Ventures is only a matter of time... India actually has 50 series-A investors, we only have five Series-D investors. So, there is agap in late-stage investing and we decided to close that gap. What are the gaps? How can we as a company help address those gaps? So, that's the lense we apply we just don't to do that because you have something,".


Google is currently in talks, with TELCOs such as BSNL and we hope it will be soon with many TELCOs. So let's see how Google will do it in brief, according to Android Authority " The announcement comes hot on the heels of Google's demonstration of the portable "auto-launcher" crane that can fill, lift and launch a Loon balloon in 30 minutes. Once afloat, the balloons can remain in the stratosphere for 100 days, communicating with one another and beaming internet back down to earth".

This balloons might be facing problems like weather, lighting and more which Google has to deal with it. There are many around the world who don't have access to Internet, this will be a nice initiative by Google.

So, what do you think about the project comment below and share.



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