Startup India Launched, More Hopes For Startups

India is moving quickly towards technology and progress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Saturday addressed Startup India. This is a government programme that aims at fulfilling aims and ambitions of the budding entrepreneurs in their growth and development.


According to Indian Express " The government is expected to earmark around Rs 2,000  crore for the initiative".  It is a great news and opportunity for Indian new entrepreneurs/ startups to get funding.

Image: Indian Express
The governmwent on saturday said that it will put in a new tax regime for startups. We will take a short tour of Startup India. According to NDTV and Startup India twitter account, these are some important points,

  •  There will be self-certification based compliance.
  •  No inspection for the first three years.
  •  Includes self-certified environmental regulations.
  •  A mobile app to start a startup in one day. The app will make it easy to for registration with a small application form. 
  • Simpler way of filling patents.
  • Recuced payment fee by 80%.
  • Rs. 10,000 crore corpus fund for startups.
  • Credit guarantee fund for startups.
  • Core Innovation programmes in 5 lakh schools.
  • and more
There were many startups attending the Startup India initiative. Some of the big companies and startups put forward their views like 
Pramod Saxena, Chairman of Oxigen Services, area of focus is Recharge, Money Transfer etc.
Sanjay Krishna Goyal, CEO and Founder ACL Mobile, area of focus is pioneer in mobile technology
Shailesh Jain, Co-founder,, area of focus is Fashion Jewellery, clothes etc. 
Nasscomm and more

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