Moto X 2016 Leaked Photos, Details, Rumors

Seems as if this week is for rumors and leaks, yesterday we reported about Samsung Galaxy A9, A7 and A5 2016.

This time we have a photos of Moto X 2016 or Moto X 4. @onleaks one of the respected person to provide information about the upcoming products, twitter a picture of Moto X 2016 or Moto X4.

According to Steve Hemmerstoffer post in " To begin with the authenticity of the photograph below is far from confirmed but nevertheless examine the alleged prototype So keeping in mind that it could be fake".


So, the photograph of the Moto X 2016 shown above is not confirmed, we would confirm you, when the news comes. The device back seems to kinda metal and covered with some kind of protective plastic or glass. Big Motorola logo at the center, placed above it the camera, seems similar to that of Lumia, placed at the bottom of the device may be the speaker and microphone at the lower part of the phone. On the right hand side of the device ( when we hold it in the hand) there are three buttons, which could most probably be volume buttons and power button.

Point to be notised, no one has yet confirmed the rumour potential features of the device and  we cannot confirm anything by just judging the image. We will have to wait to find out more information, so subscribe to the website.



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