Big Drones Transport Human, A New Transportation

We have been using different type of transportation vehicles like Cars, Bikes, Aeroplane, Trains and few more to count. We also discovered machine to help us check, deliver and do works for us - The Drones.

Now drones are being designed to transport human too. A team in National University of Singapore has build a frone which could transport human, by watching the video it seems that the it is test.

It really looks big, a giant drone. It seats only one person, setting centrally and has 24 propellors designed in hexagon shape.

The drond lands through "six inflated balls", the landing gear which act as shock absorbers. It could be noticed in the video clearly, the pressing of the balls when it lands.

It took around 1 year to build and it can handle 70kg person for 5-minutes, it is designed for indoor only. We may see this coming in the future.

Asknext congratulates NUS team on this project and wishes best of luck.



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