Android Users Might Pick Name For Android 7.0, Says Sundar Pichai

You must have read the Topic, it is interesting isn't it. Many people would have been waiting for this. I was present in #AskSundar, an event where Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google was interviewed.
Fun Fact: I love Google, my favorite company in the world. Follow me in twitter for event photos @geeksrikanth 

The event was fantastic and Sundar made some jokes for the questions asked. Among these, there was an interesting question asked about, when will the Android names will be based on Indian Dessert. 

So, the 43-year-old Chennai Born executive, in hint said Google May organize an online poll to choose the name of the next Android release. "And if all Indian Vote, I think we can make it happen" he said. 

But it is not finalized , whether Google will change it's tradition of naming the Android. Though can't say anything, it is Google.

"One good thing about India is you find a tea stall and there is an entrepreneur. So that streak has always been there," he said.

"Part of reason that we are interested in India is because it is amazingly young and many ways the trends of the future will come from India," he said.


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