Smartphone Camera Explained: What You should Know

Camera in smartphones have become something which we never imagined about. We can take amazing pictures through manual mode, even record 4K with slomo as well as few smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, LG G4, etc also have build in OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) which is a hardware , not a software for stabilizing your shots.

Before the smartphone revolution began, we were all happy with a 3 MegaPixels or so camera. Now here arises a question, is MegaPixels the only thing which we should see or take in mind while buying a smartphone? Well to answer this, it is not easy and a straight forward question, but the answer is "NO". Youtube Sensation and Tech Reviewer MKBHD aka Marques Brownlee has explained about the Smartphone camera in his recent video, which you could watch here

The explanation in itself is pretty much sufficient to understand about, "What are the things we should know about smartphone's camera." I used to and still get a lot of questions asking,
 "XYZ smartphone has a 13 Megapixel camera, will the picture quality and resolution be good?" 
Here the answer is "No", MPs or Megapixels is not the only thing which makes the smartphone's camera best. The quality of image and video also depends upon what Sensor is used, size of sensor, OIS, Lens used etc. Thank

 Late 2014 and year 2015 has been the year of 4K camera smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6s, LG G4, OnePlus 2 and more. 4K in layman language means 4 times the HD, providing the best quality of the image with lots of pixels packed together, so that we could see the image clearly and looks sharp. Most smartphones nowadays come with a fixed aperture sized, the bigger it is, the better it is like LG G4 with f/1.8 to allow huge amount of light, which might help in low light too as far as I have tested.

The above mentioned stuffs are important, but there is one more thing that is Processing, not all smartphones do process a like, they all process differently in area of noice reduction, Sharpening, exposure and more.

NOTE: Don't have a wrong opinion that Display of the smartphone also plays a major role, Like that Samsung flagship and now even budget phone comes with 2K Display. They won't play any role. 

It is difficult to actually tell the exact info Camera in a smartphone, but I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it, share it and comment below your views as well as give suggestions, are always welcomed.

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