New Gadget and Technology Launch, AR, VR, AI and more. Ask Us Questions

Time has changed a lot, we have discovered so much, but still the discoveries have not stopped, new technologies appear everyday, new mobiles are launched every two days. Social networking has become a part of world, Artificial intelligence have started to enter our world, Virtual as well as Augmented reality are now real. 

For people like us who like to share things with you and from whom we have entered this stage, we want to thank you. We want to listen from you.

We thought of doing a different thing, from now you can ask us what you want to see whether it be Science, News or anything related with technology, you can ask us. 

And this session if no different, ask your questions and we will answer, you can ask through commenting, tweet to us, through facebook, Google Plus  @geeksrikanth or using #askgeeksrikanth, we know it is a big hast tag. 


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