Amazon Unveils New Prime Air Drone

Amazon has unveiled a New Prototype Drones for Amazon Prime Air, the new design looks even more, smarter, convenient and safe.

Video of Amazon Prime Air showing the usefulness says that the drone could fly for up to 15 miles and deliver a parcel within 30minutes of the order being placed and could fly at a height of 400 feet .

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The video further provides the information that the drone would rise vertically like a helicopter. In future the drones will be of different designs for different environments.


This design could sense what is happening around it and can avoid the obstacles on the way. As soon as it reach your area, a message would appear saying "Your package is ready to be delivered. Please make sure your yard is clear".

When you accept it, it would land vertically and analyze the area for landing. This seems interesting, let's see how it works, we would be updating you with this news, so Keep visiting, Stay updated. 


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