How To Enable Google Now On Tap On Any Android Phone

Android Marshmallow has rolled to few users and with that we have got a new features, which we were waiting for a long time - Google Now On Tap. In short Google Now On Tap gives you a peek of the important stuff which is available in the notes, email and more like Personality, Restaurants, etc. After using it for a while i have got used to it. With this feature you don't have to open the browser and search the restaurant place or book it  the app will it self give you link and pages where you could find the exact info.


The steps to enable Google Now On Tap is easy and useful. 

1) Download Google App and install Google Now Launcher.
2) Enable Google Now launcher to appear in left of your homescreen.
3) Now click on menu or slide from left to rig
4) Now click on Voice and click on settings.
5) Now agree you will see Now On Tap enable it and follow the steps which says you do and that is it, you have enabled the Google Now On Tap.

Enjoy it and to use it click and hold on the home button in the middle till the animation pops up and now you have the info in your homescreen without opening the Browser.


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