Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Launched In India, Price and Availability

Samsung launched it's new Note 5 few weeks ago and now it is launched in India. The Galaxy Note 5 is priced for Rs. 53,900 for 32GB and Rs. 59,900 for 64GB, which looks a lot and it is. If you are a frequent user of SPen (Stylus) and a fan of Samsung's AMOLED Display this phone so good for you. You can see the full specifications of Galaxy Note 5 here.


According to Android Authority, the Galaxy Note 5 will be available to purchase from the date 20th September and will be sold in three usual colors - Black, Silver and Gold. As well as a free wireless charging dock for customers making pre-orders before 19th September. So guys what are your decisions, will you buy it and in which color, comment . Share this with your Samsung Fans.


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