OnePlus Giving 3000 OnePlus 2 Invite via #InviteCarnival

Eager to have a hands on the OnePlus 2, I think you are having lucky time. OnePlus has decided to give 3000 lucky persons to get invite for OnePlus 2. Well it doesn't seem to be a giveaway, there are few rules you have to consider and take part in quizzes, puzzles, etc says the OnePlus forums. Not only this there is another good news for us, has reached it's 1 Lakhs, thank you so much guys, you are the reason we have reached this far, will not stop here and grow even further. Support us in reaching our goals by following in our social medias linked below.


Like you, I was also stunned or a minute, getting a OnePlus 2 invite is like getting a VIP PASS for a program, haha Jokes a part. According to OnePlus Forum "The invite carnival commences around 12 in the afternoon and will go on for 2 days. So warm up well before time and get ready to crack some puzzels!"

Here are few rules for you to note down for #InviteCarnival:
1) Only one entry per contest will be considered.
2) Only one invite will be shared with one fan.
3) You can participate in as many contest as you want.
4) A defined number of winners will be selected on the basis of the first come first serve rule.

Those were the rules, you can view them officially on OnePlus forums by clicking on following link: Here. OnePlus is doing some great jobs. Are you ready for it, comment below your views.

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  1. I am not sure whether the karnival is real.. I dont see any workable link to participate in contest


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