Google's New Logo and Animation

Google has changed it's logo and has made some major changes to the animations too. The new Logo og Google looks as impressive as of the previuos logo. After the company had a restructuring, Google I think has also decided to go under logo change. Google is planning something, which it always does and is tough to be reveled until Google doesn't want it to be. Just few weeks ago, as you must know Google has made Sundar Pichai it's new CEO and has created a Parent Comapby named Alphabet Inc. The new CEO of Google, the new logo of Google. Google titles it as - "Google's Look, Evolved" . The company has gone into lot's of make over this year.


The new logo of Google font is a bit smoother and simple compared to the previous one. The previous logo used font named Catull, which looked cool too. The new logo also looks nice, as it is simplified.

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As Google YouTube video showcases, asking Google Now, its animation will also change. The color of the Google remaining the same. You can see the Doodle of the Google, it showcases the new animation or you can refer to the above image. 


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