Top Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SPEN Features: Best Stylus

Samsung on Saturday released a new TV commercials of it's newly announced flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It showcases some of the new SPEN features, which really are  amazing. The whole commercial is focused on the new SPEN.


For the convenience, samsung has placed the SPEN at the bottom where, the Speaker, Audio Jack and USB port are situated.


Unlike other Note series by Samsung, the new Galaxy Note 5 SPEN comes out with just a click. In the previous model Galaxy Note 4, you would have to pull it out with the help of your finger.

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With the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you get a new feature (you have to switch on that feature) , to write in screen immediately after you take out the SPEN. A grey screen will appear where you can write and save as you insert the SPEN back or can even save it manually. It was not there in Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


After you take out the SPEN from the it's place (when screen is unlocked), you immediately get options like for Writing, Editing with SPEN and more.


More responsiveness than previous SPEN, new design and more premium look with metal body.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the responsiveness has increased and few features has been added.


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