LG Nexus 5 2015 Images Leaked With Fingerprint Scanner, Dual-LED flash and Laser Autofocus [Updated]

LG Nexus 5 2015 images has popped up in Google Plus in Google Nexus Community Indonesia. The post was shared by Inno Yudha.



The device looks totally different from the earlier build LG Nexus 5. You must have already heared as well as read about the news, the new Nexus 5 2015 by LG to have a Fingerprint scanner. The image shows back of the device and the back of the device has a protruding camera, besides the camera dual-LED flash and a sensor is placed. You must have noticed a ring below the camera, that may be the Fingerprint Scanner.

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If the Fingerprint sensor is placed back, there may be two things to notice :
1) Like all nexus there will be no button in front and the size of the device will also be easy to hold. If you agree then comment below.
2) Placing of the fingerprint scanner back may be diffult for user to place his finger and may get scratch in extreme situation.

As always there is a NEXUS branding in the middle. By looking at the image it looks like the back cover will be of soft texture. So what do you think about the design, comment below and subscribe for more interesting tech news and reviews.

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Another Nexus 2015 Leak [Update]

Today i posted about the new Nexus 2015 leaked image, just few minutes ago another image of the nexus leaked in twitter.

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