Google OnHub Wi-Fi Router Launched For $200, available for pre-order

Google today officially announced it's Wi-Fi router, yes Google has made a Wi-Fi router. Google in a Google Plus posted about the it saying " Looking for a router that's simple, fast and really, really ridiculously good looking? Meet #OnHub."

If you are looking forward to buy it, Google OnHub is available for pre-order for price $199.99 from online retailers in the US including the Google Store, Amazon and . Find the link for it at the end of the article, but before read and understand about it and if you have any queries comment below. Google has partnered with TP-LINK for this router. The Google Blog says instead of headaches and spotty connections, OnHub gives you Wi-Fi that's fast, secure and easy to use. Let's see what it has, guys i would be making video on it, so subscribe to our Youtube Channel - .


Looks and Design -

We all keep our router in a plcae where people cannot see it or near the computer to look as if it is a part of it and no other thing. So, Google's OnHub router is deigned like in a well manner. Google says, they have replaced unruly cords and blinking lights with internal antennas and subtle, useful lighting, so you will be happy placing the OnHub out in the open, where the router performs best.

Start Fast, Stay Fast -

During the setup, OnHub searches the best airwaves and catches the best channel for the fast connection. This is what is needed for today's modern world. The unique antenna design and smart software keep it working in the background, automatically adjusting OnHub to avoid interference.

Mobile App

OnHub makes it simple for the user to setup and mange your Wi-Fi, all from the Google On app. If you are thinking the whether it will be available in Android or iOS, then don't you worry it is available in both the platform Android and iOS. The Google On app tell you the bandwidth and if there is any problem it will also give you suggestion.

It gets automatic updates with new feature which is needed. Google may make it's next OnHub router with ASUS later this year.

Find the Google OnHub in Amazon here - Click Here.



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