Android Wear Now Works With iPhone, Excited?

Apple users, you have a good and new news. If you guys liked the design and operations of the Android Wear and you were not in a position to use it, but now you will be. Today Android officially tweet that Android Wear watches will now work with iPhones.


This is a great news for both Android as well as iPhone users. I suppose that Apple should also make these type of arrangemeants and changes according to the changing trends of the market. 

Apple is a great product, i like Apple watch for it's Design, Build Quality and Features, but it does not work with Android Smartphones. In my opinion the Apple Watch should also be made compatible to work with Android Smartphones. 

Being the Android Wear working with Apple iPhone, you will be able to use some of the Google products (i think). Lets see how it performs and will see if there will be any new Changes to the Android Wear for iPhones. What do you think about this, comment and share if you liked this article. 


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