Microsoft Cortana Leaks For Android , Download Link

Microsoft Cortana Beta leaks for Android Before the Official launch. If you don't know what Microsoft Cortana is, it is a virtual and personal assistant from Microsoft. It is a competitor for Google Now and Apple Siri.



After installing the Cortana from the link given below, you will have to complete some steps by
accepting the T&C  and you will have to sign in into your Microsoft account. Well we can call Cortana a mix of Apple Siri for conversation and Google Now. It is just my thoughts.

With Cortana you can find places, find directions, make calls, set notifications and more. The app listens and searches nicely. You can ask related questions one by one like to search for a restaurant and then ask for direction.

It may lack in some places cause it is a Beta now and microsoft will rreleasethe full version later. You can download the app from here. We will be updating you with Cortana news. So,

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