List Of Lumia Devices To Get Windows 10 Upgrade First (Official)

Mobile version of Windows 10 is yet to be released while the PC version Windows 10 is out yesterday says and i got that indication few days ago. However the upgrade for Windows 10 is confirmed by Microsoft for below devices officially, as they are mentioned in there website and other devices may also get update, which is not confirmed yet. Super.


Microsoft in it's mobile division website indicated the name of the Lumia's getting Windows 10 upgrade for free when available.  So brace your heart, here are the list of Lumia devices to get Windows 10 update.
1) Lumia 430
2) Lumia 435 
3) Lumia 532
4) Lumia 535
5) Lumia 540
6) Lumia 640
7) Lumia 640XL
8) Lumia 735
9) Lumia 830
10) Lumia 930

According to Microsoft, once a Lumia smartphone is upgraded to Windows 10, they will continue to provide updates and offer exciting new features. 


The Microsoft site indicated that in order to upgrade to Windows 10, your Lumia device will need to have te Denim Software update installed. 


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