Create Google Chrome Custom Themes : Customization

Google Chrome delivers a nice experience and good performance for its users, because of this Google Chrome has a huge amount of users in both PC's, Mac's, iOS and Android. This article is about, "How to customize Google Chrome browser with your own theme."

Speaking of the themes, there are lots of them available in Chrome Store, but not all of them fulfills our satisfaction. We like to have our things to be the way we want it to be. So like this you would also like to have Chrome designed in your own way. Below you will find easy ways to design your own theme for Google Chrome,  but keep in mind it is not for mobile only for PC's.


We are going to create theme online through a site called, which helps us create our own themes easily. All you have to do is just follow the below steps and you are done -

1) Go to Themebeta by clicking this [Link] .

2) Give a title to your theme for Google Chrome which is under Basics heading.

3) Upload a image which you want as Chrome's background and if you find the image is not fitting         in the full screen, then select "FULL SCREEN" at of the Background Image's last drop down               menu or you can also select Center, Right, Left, top, bottom for moving the image and even repeat     the image like tile in the background.

4) If you want to make the tabs and other stuffs in Chrome to match your background click on button     2 - Generate colors and you are done with the customization and if you want to customize tab color     and other stuffs of the Chrome, then read further.

5) Then click on Images near Basics, if you want to change the color of the "TABS" of the Google         chrome browser, Frame of the browser and even the Toolbar of the chrome.


6) Then click on colors near the Images tab, if you want to change the colors of the Status bar [where     the link and poccess shows up at the bottom of the browser] , Colors of the "TEXTS in the tabs",         NTP texts colors, bokmark text colors, buttons colors, non-used or background tab text colors,             refresh and forward or backward button and control button color.


7) After you are done with the customization of the Google Chrome browser click Packs tab and click     any of the option. If you have selected Pack and Install, the theme will be automatically changed.

Now you have successfully customized your theme for Google Chrome. Leave comments if you have any problem regarding the customization and follow us twitter at - @asknext1  and as all ways
                                                              Keep visiting, Stay updated


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