How To Hide Photos In Android

We all have some secrets which we don't want others to know. Now you can  hide your photos from appearing into Gallery and to unhide photos from appearing into Gallery in Android.

Note : We are not responsible if any problem arises, you are at your own risk.

All you have to do is just follow the simple steps.
1) Open File Explorer in your phone or Download one from Google Play Store.
2) Open the folder which you want to hide from appearing into Gallery.
3) Now create a file or folder and name it as .nomedia .

That's it you are done, check your Gallery to see whether the folder is hidden or not and share it just delete the .nomedia phone or try below one.

If suppose you want to unhide the folder then Download nomedia app from Google Play Store and click off in the folders. It worked in my phone check if it works in your phone and comment.

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