Google Play Music With Free Ad Supported Radio Launched

Google today launched free ad Supported Music service for its famous Play Music. Google has launched it pretty to compete with Apple music. This means Google has some works doing behind in secrets, that's nice surprises. Google Play Music in Google Play store if you don't have it.



This pretty good news has another news behind it, Google Play Music With Free Ad supported Radio version in U.S .

The users can browse for curated stations in genre, mood, decade, or activity, or user can search for their favorite artist, album or song to instantly create a station of similar music.

According to Official Android Blog " And with or without a subscription, you can store and play up to 50000 songs from your own collection for free. ".

This Ad supported Google Play Music Radio is launching first in U.S. and is on the web and rolling out Android and iOS too .

Comment what you think Google Play Muic free ad Supported Radio

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