5 Best Browser For Android Phone

Now a days people are controlling everything with there phone. After Android, we all so everything in phone from talking to searching.Instead of watching videos in Desktop, we are using mobile phones.  Theses browsers are not numbered according to ranks, just have been depicted with numbers. So lets get into which is the best browser for Android Phones in Google Play Store.

5 Best Browser For Android Phone
1) Google Chrome Browser

As you all know Chrome Browser is from Google. As i have tested it runs fast and has nice features like Add to Home screen, Find in page, request a desktop site etc and Google has just rolling out a new feature for Chrome for Android called "Touch To Search" feature, if you want to know about it and a video tutorial click on following link.
1) Chrome Touch To Search feature
2) Chrome Touch To Search feature video tutorial explained
The app is sized for less than 40MB in my device and may change according to devices and runs smoothly. Download the Google Chrome browser from below link.

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2) Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Beta is a slight different version of normal above specified Google chrome. If you are a fan of Google like me then you will defiantly check it out. The only problem is that it is not that stable as Google Chrome, as the name says BETA you find some rough sides also and the description also says about it and to send  feedback. The size of the browser varies with devices As in Google Play Store it is rated - 4.3 that is good. Download the Chrome BETA from below.

3) Firefox Browser For Android

As you all know Firefox runs pretty well in Desktops and has nice features like Add-ons.  The description about the Firefox in Google Play store says "Meet our most customization Android browser yet." It allows fast access to search, as said it has customization features and make a safe browsing with extensive security system, Sync with desktop firefox, Add-ons etc, says the description. The Firefox browser is size also varies with devices and has a 4.4 rating. Download the browser from below.

4) Opera Browser For Android

Opera browser has a nice and clean interface. User can Sync and Share tabs and bookmarks with computer and tablets, Search instantly anywhere which means either swipe up from the bottom edge in any app or long-press the home button to search the web which depends upon the devices, 
Stay up to date which means the discover feature brings you the latest news, tech etc from world leading magazines and newspapers, right in the browser says the description in Google Play Store. App is rated 4.3 and download the opera browser from below.

5) Dolphin Browser For Android

Finally the 5th browser. Dolphin gives nice features like Gesture to access the web, Sonar which listens to you and searches, Flash support, Add-ons, Themes etc, says the description for the Dolphin browser in Google Play Store. The app is rated 4.6 . Download the Dolphin Browser from below.

These are my opinions, comment what your favorite browser.


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