Sign Up For LG G4 Canada Test Program

LG G4 test program by LG is circling the world. LG G4 test program has been to India, US and UK. Now it has entered to Canada and giving chance to users in Canada to use LG G4.

This is been a nice initiative by LG towards spreading the Potential of the LG G4. If you are interested in this program then you will need to visit the below link.

We are now recruiting for the LG G4 tester group. Enter now for your chance to be one of the first to experience the revolutionary LG G4!

This test program by LG for LG G4 in Canada duration is from May 11th  to May 24th 2015. The announcement of winners : May 26th, 2015 reported the LG G4 canada test program website. The winners would have a chance to use the LG G4 for 4 weeks reported LG G4 test program website. The procedure for entering the contest will be provided to you in the LG G4 test program website.


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