Motorola Moto Maker To Launch In China

You read it right the famous Motorola Moto Maker is to arrive in China.

If you don't know what Motorola Moto Maker (You will know) is a website where you can design Motorola devices -
1) Skin
2) Color of Front
3) Back and Buttons
4) Add accessories with colors
5) Choose Your Wallpaper
6) Memory/Storage
7) Engrave Name/Message

Once you have designed your phone, the website will tell you the delivery date based upon your choices.

After and while designing your phone you can have a 360 look. To have a look at China Moto Maker - [ Follow Link ]. This Motorola Moto Maker service is available in US, Europe and now coming to China. According to lenovo it is coming to China. Lenovo announced this news today in Beijing. Lenovo is celebrating this moto maker launch, it is offering a special promotion on all three devices exlusively on through June 2 -

  • Moto X is available from RMB2,699, with custom versions from RMB2,799 on Moto Maker
  • Moto G is available from RMB999
  • 3)Moto X Pro is available from RMB3,999.

Just today motorola revealed Laser Projector Phone, Dual-Display Smartwatch and Media Cast device.


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