Google Play Store With Family Star Feature Officially Announced

We promised to give you Google I/O updates. Google Today in it's Google 2015 I/O has a unveiled lot nice stuffs like Google Now Tap and Yesterday in Google I/O, Google unveiled new Google Photos.

There was news going on about Google adding a new feature to Google Play Store - Family Friendly. Google now has given priority to Parents to choose which app is best for their children. Yes, after the latest update from Google you will find another section as Family. Just before some days Google Spotlight App was introduced to Google Play store.

Follow Family Star-

Here comes the star of the topic, wait we will take you there. Whenever you are trying to entertain a baby, you can just by simply finding a movie to enjoy and finding the right content it could be difficult for Parents.  For that Google added new Family Star button to browse. On the books homepage, tap the Children's book button. There is age range to find contents.

Play With Your Favorite Characters -

We all have our favorite characters. We have watched a lot of Cartoon - Dora, Mickey etc. To help you with browsing your favorite characters in Google Play, there is special pages featuring dozens of top characters from across globe, like PBS KIDS, Pororo and Pegga Pig. If you have problem with this one then you can take a tour through all of the popular characters to find apps, movies, books, and more from your family's favorites.

Empowering Parents -

When you find contents in google Play, so you don't know which app is correct for your toddler, so for that there is Google's new introduced "Family Star" badges which conveys the specific age range that an app, movie etc was designed for. On app details page you will now find a new label telling you when family apps are ad-supported and new locally relevant content maturity ratings. Parents have a new power in there hands now - Parental controls, so you can restrict downloads, purchases or straming mature content.

"We're rolling out the new family discovery experience over the next couple weeks, and many of the best know brands in family entertainment are celebrating with us." reported Official Android Blog.

So this New Google Play Store Family star Feature announcement in Google I/O 2015.



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