Google Maps Offline Search and Turn By Turn Navigation Feature Announced

Google Maps is growing at a faster rate. People are using Google Maps constantly, after Google Maps reserving update it has become even more useful.

Offline Search

For using Maps we need to have a good and fast browsing speed. Not everytime and everywhere it is possible, so Google has come up with a solution - Offline Maps.

Offline Search Running

Offline Place Review

Users can now use Google Maps offline, no need to worry about internet connection. If the user has lost the internet connection, then also he can search places and even the auto search also works. If you want to read reviews about the particular place, you can also do that.

Offline Turn-by-Turn Navigation

If you are truly inspired by a particular place and want to visit there, you can also get Turn-By-Turn navigation offline. Yes, no internet connection. Exactly we don't know for how it happens but there may be some drawbacks. We will check for that when the update rolls out globally.


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