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Android M Preview Officially Announced in Google I/O 2015

Another update of Google I/O 2015. The long awaited Android M version has been announced. Google gave the preview of  Android M. Some features listed down.

There has been a whole lot of new things added to Android M. We will see that in coming lines. But you will have to wait for Android M's name, yes name isn't released. In "What's New On Android" session Android M was called Mmmmm, so don't worry the name will out sooner.

It is going to be 1 year Lollipop has been released, so yesterday at Google I/O Android M was announced. First of all there is no new "UI" change. Android L is not only sweet OS by Android, but this will also be. Basically their is focus on refinements.

New Android M preview will be available to Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.

USB Type-C Support

Android M stock will be supporting USB Type-C. With Type-C you can transfer files at speed an no need to see whether you inserting it right or not, you can insert it any way. You can also connect two smartphones Type-C. It is compact. 

Granular Permission

From now on Apps Permission request power will be to you. User can "allow" or "Deny" the app to access microphone in whatsapp when you first install an app. You will also be able to add or revoke certain permissions in settings. This feature requires Android M SDK update.

 Custom Chrome Tab 

What it is? Custom Chrome Tabs help developers to not to embed browsers in their app like link in the app and for user it helps them to carry on what they are doing in the app. Apps will be able to experience full chrome with as said including preserving app sign-in information. This means users won't have to log-in to their account ion web say Pinterest in their Chrome for that page. It shows custom buttons on top WebView frames  that is search bar and fast content browsing.

App Links 

Till now when you click any link app Android will ask the user to chose the App where to open the link. So now in Android M they are enhancing Android's Intent means if you received a twitter link in Gmail it will directly take you to Twitter.

Battery Improvement - Doze Mode

Most important for a user. In Android L, Battery saver mode was introduced. Now there is a new mode introduced called "Doze". With Android M using significant motion detection to learn if a device has been left unattended for a period of time. In that case, it will go into a deeper sleep state. While in sleep it can trigger real time alarms or to respond to incoming chat. 

According to Google I/O speech, compared to Android L powered device, Android M devices last twice (2X) longer.

Android Pay

User can pay using Android Pay easily. All the user has to do is wherever he sees Android Pay logo or NFC or Other Partner apps , unlock phone normally, place it in Front of the NFC  (Near Field Communication) terminal to Pay. It will be work in 7,00,000 stores in US. It works with NFC enabled phone.

Fingerprint Support

Use of Fingerprint to authorise through Android Pay by the user. It exposes a standard API to developers and they can add it to their apps. Unlock device, play store purchases and open authentication API's.

Others - 

Volume Control ,Direct share, Copy and paste floating bar and more.

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