Android M Brings New Style App Drawer

Android M was announced in Google I/O 2015. But actually name isn't revealed. Comment what you think the name will be.

We have been used to "HORIZONTAL SLIDING" app drawer, which is easy and looks nice. As far the Android M developer preview is released in Google I/O it seems as if there is only one visual change, that is in "APP DRAWER".

There is still the same animation popping in circular way and the background is White only. Your important apps stays in top and other apps are in alphabetical order. It is now vertical scrolling not horizontal. Seems like it is HTC app drawer. There is a search bar added at top yo find apps. Making it easier Google .

The widget's pan is also changed and is now vertical scrolling. Now each widget lives in single row.

Google can even update Google Now launcher into Vertical scrolling. Let's see.

Umm, people will get used to it. Comment what you think


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