Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Receive Android Lollipop 5.0 update in India

Samsung always gives update to their devices around 3 months later than the Android OS is official update. Now it looks like the Galaxy maker and Korean Tech Giant is ready to spped up their process with NOTE 4 for ging the Lollipop update users in India, Brazil, UAE and in the Baltic region.

"The fact is that the update of Lollipop to Note 4 is rolling out to more than one country in one time. As samsung galaxy note is a flagship device, but the user are have been pretty vocal about their displeasure with how samsung treated its Galaxy Note flagship in terms of software update." Sammobile reported.

The OTA is supposed to be of size 1 GB in size, so you will need to have enough memory in your Galaxy Note 4, and for download file of this much size you will have to need a Wi-Fi connection ( Good strenght is preferable). The confirmation of the updates comes fro Samsung's regional arm in the Nordic region of Europe, especially Finland and Denmark, which stated that the updates would be coming later in 2015 but no specific dates are given.

To check about the update Go to Setting > About Phone > Software Updates.

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