OnePlus Oxygen OS Launched and Download Link

A long and awaited OS from One plus is now launched and they have made it available for download.OnePlus Oxygen OS is released on 4th March 2015

In One Plus's Blog post the Carl pie said "Now, it's time to take next step. By creating our own OS, we can quickly respond to users feedback and make it easier for you to continue playing a fundamental role in the future of OnePlus. Our goal for Oxygen  Operating System is to provide faster, more meaningful updates and a better-integrated range of services for every OnePlus user. "

OnePlus official site for Oxygen OS check here.

Their new and initial version  OS is based on Stock Android that is 5.0.2 Oxygen OS is light and essential with subtle, useful features. OnePlus gave a shock in the mobile market when they released their First phone named "OnePlus ONE". The OnePlus team has loaded many features in their new Operating System.

OnePlus Oxygen OS Out Today

The features list maybe limited but good for now but, we expect that they will load more features into their new Oxygen Operating System. Oxygen OS carries over features like Gestures support which is also present on Oppo's Color OS and Cyanogen OS 11s. You can draw various Gestures on the screen to open certain apps even with the screen turned off and even lock or unlock the device which you can see in their official video available in their forum. Some of it is the user can quickly launch the camera app by drawing a "O" in the screen when it is turned ON or OFF, another best gesture available which also present in Oppo's Color OS and Cyanogen 11s is that the user can awake the screen or turn it off by double tapping in the screen, music control and shortcuts for the flashlight.

OnePlus Oxygen OS available for download

Another features is the improved quick settings, which lets you add and remove tiles and choose the one you want to see that is the user can interchange the place of apps in the notification bar with just a click of a button present there for editing the apps like interchange the place of Wi-Fi with the Bluetooth.

The OnePlus has added a File Manager in their Oxygen OS which is a good thing. OnePlus made customizable of lockscreen, wallpapers and the ability to switch between hardware and software navigation keys possible.

As said above the OnePlus Oxygen OS is available for download from today with full installation instructions given check here . If you want to give some feedback to the OnePlus team you can give them the feedback by downloading and installing this app.

Note : This is as same as loading a ROM in your phone like Cyanogen etc., which requires wiping of data, system and flashing manually, though you have instructions available for doing this.


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