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Lenovo K80 Unveiled With Intel Processor And 4 GB RAM

Lenovo has unveiled a new new phone K80 with 4GB RAM and 4000 mAH battery. The phone has been launched in China. This phone is included in K series you can see.

Lenovo in their blog of weibo has announced K80.

This phones has a nice line of spec. Lenovo K80 is powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom Processor chipset with Quad core 1.8 GHZ. The phone runs on Android Lollipop. The phone has a 5.5 inch screen with 1080 x 1920 pixel (401 ppi) Full HD.

Lenovo K80 may be released with in two variants - internal memory of 32 GB with 2GB RAM, 64 GB with 4 GB RAM. Rear camera has 13 MP, 4128 x 3096, autofocus image stabilization, autofocus, dual-LED flash and front facing camera.

You have to hols your breath Lenovo K80 has a battery of 4000 mAH.

Visit us to stay updated for Lenovo K80 Specification. 


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