HTC One M9 Gets RAW Image Support Via Camera App Update

HTC's camera has been updated. already HTC One M9 and M8 have nice powerful 20MP camera. As like HTC Desire EYE has a 13MP camera.

image credit - US 

HTC has updated it's camera app and available at Google Play. This official update brings a new shooting mode for HTC One M9 users. It allows One M9 users to shoot photos in RAW image format.

So what is RAW format? RAW format is completely untouched result of image you have captured in your phone. There is no software or hardware based encoding done,as said it is untouched or non edited. The  RAW camera mode lets you capture Digital Negative Files(.DNG). RAW files are basically have larger file size than JPEG images.

What does camera pp update bring? Easy automatic capturing, rich manual controls and creative camera modes, ISO controls to  white balance and you can also create a high mood for your photo and videos and more, check rest of them in Google play, link given below. " If you have the new HTC One M9 you get the EYE experience and even more out of HTC camera." written in HTC Camera app Google Play.



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