How To Setup Battery Saver Mode In Android Lollipop 5.1

Samsung has introduced battery saver mode in its new phone Samsung Tizen Z1. This feature also appears in the advertisement of Tizen Z1 you can watch that in YouTube.

If your phone also leaked a lot of battery power or consumes lots of battery then you also wish to have a feature like that.  If you even close the apps that you were using it will still be running in the background and that results in battery consumption.

But battery saver mode suppress these type of apps running in the background  and extends your device's battery life.  Battery saver mode is a good step by Google to embedding it in Lollipop. This mode will help you save battery.

When your battery level comes down to 15% it will ask you automatically to switch on the battery saver mode and when you put your phone yo charge it will switch off automatically.

Don't worry we will embedding images  and Video for you.

How to set Battery Saver mode.

1) Go to settings.
2) Go to battery option.

3) Click on the dots that appear on the top right corner of the screen.

4) After clicking that there will be three option from that click BATTERY SAVER.
5) After that you will be redirected to battery saver mode screen on that switch on the battery saver mode and your notification bar and menu bar will change to orange colour.

Note : Read the note in that battery screen mode screen if you want.

Video tutorial on how to setup battery saver mode.

Now spend long time with your phone

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