How To Prevent Apps From Adding Icon To Home Screen After Google Play Download

Lots of people like to have their home screen clean with out any apps. Clean home screen looks good and use of beautiful HD wallpapers looks nice when the home screen is empty. If you like to have apps in the home screen it is your choice.

But when you download any application from Google Play, automatically adds - on to the home screen. This takes some part of wallpaper which you have. Now we have a solution to prevent this one don't panic about the steps we will be giving the steps with photo and videos you can subscribe to us in Youtube here. So Google has given a option for turning the option off. Follow the below steps.
1) Go to Google Play.
2) Click on settings by dragging the menu page from right as you know it.
3) Then you will see a option called - "Add icon to home screen".

4) Untick the option and done.

Simple and easy one if you don't want study all the above stuff. Then we will keep it straight.

Goto Google Play > Setting > Uncheck the option Add icon to home screen.
Video Tutorial for preventing apps from adding icon to home screen

Thats it your done with preventing the apps from adding into your home screen.


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