Google Password Alert Chrome Extension To Protect Your Google Account

Looks like Google has another nice thing for Google account users, yep that's you. Google in it's official blog posted about the "Phishing" page. Now what's a phishing page, it is a site run by people looking to receive and steal your password and you may not even know it. That is really dangerous.

This is to help keep your Google account safe."To help keep your account safe today has launched Password Alert,a free-source chrome extension that protects your Google and Google Apps for Work Accounts." reported and posted by Drew Hintz, Security Engineer and Justin Kosslyn, Google  Ideas in Google Official Blog.

Well how does it work, Password Alert will show you warning if you type your password in Non-Google pages or Websites. This protects the user from phishing attacks.

For consumer accounts "Once you have installed and initialized Password Alert, Chrome will remember a "Scrambled" version of your Google Account password" reported Google Official Blog. If you type password into Non-Google site it will give you a warning and tell you that you are at risk of being phished so you can set another password and protect yourself.  shown in below image.

image credit - Google Blog

This Password Alert is also available for Google for Work customers. Your administrator can install Password alert for everyone in the domains they manage and receive when at risk. This will help you from malicious attacks.



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