Google Handwriting Input App available At Google Play , Supports Cursive And Emoji Included

Google introduced a new keyboard which supports handwriting on android , but we think it should be available to all the existing mobile OS.


We all know that there are some inputs available to mobile phones like Voice input which is a good input but may not work in noisy area and another the keyboard one which is all ways been the companion of mobiles from the date of there invention.
So here we have the new handwriting input which can be used in any conditionsbut except when you are in shaky place be aware of it. It is been the introduction of the application now the indepth of it.

The app supports both print and cursive writing with supporting 82 languages and 20 different scripts. The most amazing stuff is that the user can draw emoji and the app will recognize that expression like shown in the above image.

There are number of languages available like Hindi, Tamil, Chinese etc. You can switch between the theme. If you want to change quickly between keyboard option press long on keyboard and choose your appropriate option.

Download the app from here.


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