Google App - Get More Now Card Notifications From Android Apps

Google Now Cards have been a very helpful tool to us. It shows us the notifications like Youtube Videos, Weather, News etc.

Now Google has given more power to Now cards to get notification from most of your android apps in your android phone, isn't that good. According to Official Google Search Blog " Now, we are working with 70 new partners to bring you even more Now cards from the apps you have on your phone".

For example you need a good playlist, Now Cards can recommend playlists from Apps like Spotify, Youtube based on your preferences which can help you when you want them.

Now Cards can give you important informations like - Breaking news from News apps, know when you will receive your order, keeping your fitness info with Health apps and many more.

You can have a look at the apps that have integrations with Now Cards. Some of them are - Spotify, EAT24, ABC news, Zomato etc. Look at the Apps integrated here.

 So, altogether Now Cards has been improved that before with more Android Support.



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