Google Added Wi-Fi and Gesture Features To Android Wear

Android Wear is increasing and gaining market share. There are some sort problems which existed in the Android wears and now that google has tried to fix and add some new feature to Android Wears.

One of the main problem which everybody is talking is that you have to keep your phone nearby to communicate with the Android Wear, Well you think that is a very essential  feature because you need to connect your device and android wear to get the update from your Android Phone to Your Android Wear.

This means that "now android wear supports watches with built-in Wi-Fi. As long as your Android wear is connected a Wi-Fi network and your phone has a data connection you will be able to get notifications, send messages and use your favorite apps." reported by David Singleton, Director Of Engineering, Android Wear - Google Official Blog.

Google has added another nice feature to Android Wear that is - Gesture feature. Google has made it simple to check time etc. You can flick your wrist to scroll through the apps.

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Now you can draw different  emojis, directly on your watch screen. You can also send it via message or text.

image credit - Google Blog

These updates are coming to all seven Android Wear watches.



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