Facebook Launches Messenger Website For Web Browser

Facebook decided to make available it's messenger platform to WEB for past 2-3 days it is available in Web. This is a nice initiative from Facebook towards Messenger.

"This messenger is rolling out for english Users with support for more languages to come." reported Techcrunch.

You dont have to worry about messaging through Facebook.com, it is not separated from Facebook.com. Now it has become convenient for those people who like to chat through Facebook.com now they wont be interferred by the notifications and newsfeed contents.

As you all know about the messenger app from Android, IOS and Windows platform and you can see that the chat is available in the facebook app and also as messenger app. So, this also is same as that and here you can continue using messenger for web by signing in through your facebook account.

The messenger site features a list of your friends on the left and chat window  on the middle and about the your friend to whom you are chatting on the right side. You can access the profile of your friend by clicking the profile on the right side of the screen.

In your messenger site you can use most of the features available in the messenger application from here, including audio and video call, stickers and photos as show in the image above and you can mute the conversation.

You can get notifications in the desktop by turning on desktop notifications in the settings on the top right corner of the screen and by default the desktop notification is turned on. The users can give group messages by clicking the "PLUS" button on the top of the screen in blue.

For now it lacks the ability to record audio and send audio messages and you cannot send photos instantly through webcam.

You can access the messenger site though here - Messenger.com .


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