Create WhatsApp Chat Backup Using Google Drive - Whatsapp Version 2.12.45

It is been a great month for Whatsapp users. Whatsapp has made lots of changes in it's app. The updates by Whatsapp has been coming out like waterfalls. Lets have a slight insight of what updates did whatsapp roll out this month -

  1. Web client- Use Whatsapp on web
  2. Whatsapp most awaited calling feature
  3. Latest Whatsapp material design
Now after these many new roll out by Whatsapp, it is going to give it's users another power of having a backup of their Whatsapp conversion into Google Drive. While the update rolls out the Whatsapp users can have a back of their Whatsapp chat into their SDcard. The current Whatsapp version till this post is written is Whatsapp v,2.12.44 .

We don't know the exact date of update, but when it rolls out you can have a backup of your Whatsapp Chat. "Now we can confirm the upcoming Whatsapp update build 2.12.45 brings exactly that feature." reported in it's blog.

Now wait for Whatsapp to roll out this feature and have a backup of your Whatsapp chat into Google Drive. 

Stay updated for our next post about Whatsapp Google Drive Backup update. 

Feel free to comment about your doubts. 


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