Add Recycle Bin To Android Phone - Dumpster App

Recycle bin is a nice system. We all love to have a back up the things which we delete when we are less with the storage.

Sometimes we accidentally delete photos, vedios, mp3, mp4, PDF etc. to restore that we have a app available in the Google Play - Dumpster.

Dumpster is equivalent to Recycle bin in windows and Trash for MAC. When you delete a file in windows, it goes straight into recycle bin and you can restore it, same dumpster also works like it only.

You don't have to root your phone. You can restore when ever you need it or you can have a scheduled time for auto-clean. User can add privacy protection through lockscreen in Dumpster. Now you can delete your file and restore it later.

Download app - Dumpster.


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