5 Best To Do List Apps For Android

Now  a days we are too much busy with our schedule. Nevertheless we have a smartphone with us which can help us. Now a days pens and papers are replaced by Mobile To-Do List Apps. Here we have a five To-Do list apps for your android.


 This is a versatile task management app. Any.do keeps your list and tasks in perfect sync across all your devices (even when you are offline). You can set location and time reminders for your lists, add pictures, videos and comments and more over voice notes. Through this app you can sync across devices anytime. User can attach almost any type of file in his/her task and view from any devices. User will get notification with the new notification center. The app's clean UI and support for swipe gestures are good. The app is available for Free and Premium version.


All of you must be knowing about this app. This is a nice app that syncs your data by your own "RECIPE" what IFTTT calls is that the way you can tell the app what to do like.

You can create your own recipes or created by other users. The most hardcore  of this app is that the user has to sign in to each service to activate it.

3) Evernote

This app is one of the most popular app in the category of To-Do List apps. This app is available for both Mobile as well as for Desktop OS. The app allows you to take notes, add lists, pictures, audio and video. You can categories and organise your task into different notebooks and tags. This is a very nice app for To-Do List app category.

4) INBOX by Google

This is a recent launch by Google. This app performs more function that Gmail app. This app does not allow spams easily. It makes managing and prioritizing emails but a also an organiser that pulls out actionable information. The good thing about this app is that it bundles similar messages together and highlights useful information from your email from your Boarding pass , bills etc. in the top of the app. But to use this app users need to have a invite and you could get that from google by emailing in inbox.googlr.com or from a friend. It lets you snooze the email with a timer when you wish to see or reply it.

5) Trello

If you love to plan stuffs and setting reminder by sticking notes on board and finding were you kept it, this app can replace it. Think of it as an board on which you can stick cards that can have task list, reminders and even allow other people to collaborate with you. It even offers real-time status of all the team updates as and when other people make changes. It lets you upload files from your PC, Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive.

Feel free to comment if you also want these apps to be listed in our site for IOS.


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