Kaspersky Lab Launches Phound a APP to find lost android devices.

Kasper Sky a leading security software company which make antivirus etc. Now Kaspersky Lab has launched a new application called Phound. This app helps people to locate their lost device remotely like the Android Device Manager which is a software created by Google to remotely access your phone and locate it. With the help of this you can wipe the data from your phone remotely.

Besides giving user the ability to locate their device if lost or stolen, Phound aims thelp users locate their tablet or phones quickly and users can also lock down the to keep the data private. Users can also remotely control their device from Kaspersky's web portal MyKaspersky but the user should have access to internet to login whether it be mobile, tablet or Desktop browser.

Phound also give the user the ability to remotely access their front camera of a device, so that they might be able to capture the photograph of the the person who stole it. If the phone has been lost users can also POP-UP a display on screen asking for the device to be returned to their owner, which could come in useful if the phone is found by someone other than the owner.

As said above My Kaspersky web portal allows the user for the remote deletion of all the data from the internal storage of the device as well as the SD card, (if the phone has that option) and if users simple use the phone somewhere inside their house they can simple activate or ring an alarm to prompt the phone to signal the user in an attempt to help find the device.

For those users who don't have an anti-theft app installed on their device they can download this app from the Google Play for free.

Download Kaspersky Phound from Here - Click Here.

                                                                        Image credit - Google Play
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