how to remove WhatsApp blue ticks or read receipts

After Facebook, WhatsApp released its bluestick system lots of people were confused about it, "what is this blue stick?" and this bluestick was introduced for users to know whether the message sent has been seen or not because before that it could not be seen whether the message has been seen or not. Now we can know whether the message is sent or not by single tick , received by double tick  and seen by Bluestick.

Now this tutorial will help you know how to remove the blueticks in whatsapp.

  • Download the latest version (v 2.12.5)of whatsapp from play store or Whatsapp official website.
  • Go to settings > Account > Privacy settings.
  • Then click on read receipts which will be ticked in your whatsapp.

When you disable the bluetick , you won't be able to see blueticks or read receipts from other people. 
Done now you have disabled the bluestick from your whatsapp account.


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