How to fix blogger favicon problem

We all have a logo of our blog or website which want have it as our favicon also but the default favicon we have in our blog is the blogger logo now we want change the favicon of the blogger with our logo. so how do we do that , for that we have simple solution which will not take a lot of time for you so take sometime from your busy schedule and have a look at this solution. This also works in wordpress.

This problem arises because the favicon is actually updated in the servers. So we will have an explanation for this.

You must know that whenever you open a new website, your browser stores some basic content of that site as " Cache" in your PC. By doing this, the browser doesn't have to request the content every time you open the website.

This is the reason why a website takes time to load the first time, but loads quickly the next time you open it. So, your browser is actually loading your blog's favicon from the cache memory and not requesting it from the server.

You must have guessed the solution by now. we simply have to delete the cache memory of your browser. But doing so will delete the cache of every webpage and you don't wanna loose that.

How to update the favicon ?

First, go to your blog and upload your favicon if you haven't.

Secondly, refresh your blog to see whether the favicon has changed or not if does then good.

You all know that to fresh a webpage we use  F5.  So to change the favicon we need to press CTRL +F5 (Windows) or CMD + F5 for mac.

Now this will give a command to it for changing the favicon.

  • Favicon for all blogger blogs are stored on the same domain with the name of favicon.ico. So you can find your current favicon here. (replace your blogs name with yourblog)

  • You will see your old favicon on the page, press CTRL +F5 (Windows) or CMD + F5 for mac. Now, the old favicon is updated with the new one in your cache memory! Here are some screenshots to help you out :

                                                      before cache refresh

  • Now go to your blog and cache refresh it by pressing CTRL +F5 (Windows) or CMD + F5 for mac. 
Yeah it's done successfully you have updated your blog's favicon. 


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