How to enable material design in Google keyboard.

Google has released its Android lollipop just now and it is only available for limited and selected devices. There are lots of devices running Android  OS as there platform and they also need to lollipop update but it is not possible so they can upgrade step by step on their device like keyboard, launcher, lock screen,  notification bar and so on. 

Make your device look like Android 5.0. Download Google Now launcher from google play because google has changed the appearance of the google now to just like Android 5.0 menu area. 

Now returning to the main topic how to enable material design in Google keyboard.

 Follow the steps.
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Then to Language and Input.
  3. Then Click on Google keyboard.
  4. Then click on settings near that will take you to a new screen.
  5. Then Click on Appearnce and Layout.
  6. Then click Theme.
  7. There will be four options provided to you
  • Material Light,
  • Material Dark
  • Holo White
  • Holo Blue
     8. Click on any of the two material designs you like.

Now your done and enjoy your new settings.


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